Tuesday, 1 July 2014

An evening stroll, Caolas Phabaigh, Lewis

Red throated diver 8 sum
Black guillemot 20
Red breasted merganser 8
Arctic tern 50
Gannet 5
Ringed plover 1
Razorbill 10

A glorious evening for a walk on the beach, it's 21:45 and I'm sitting on a beach on Lewis in a t-shirt. 

Impressive numbers of black guillemots in the bay and now that the sun has started to set, red throated divers have appeared from nowhere, resplendant in their summer plumaged, and are fishing close inshore. It's easy to pick them out on the mirror like sea. Large numbers of Arctic terns are also fishing the bay, and there are a few razorbills and mergansers.

Now back to the tent for a larger! There's a storm brewing out at sea, with heavy rain and gale force 8 predicted tomorrow, but no sign of it here yet.  The air is completely still. Live for the moment I say!

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