Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Eccleston Mere

Gadwall 1 eclipse male
Kingfisher 1
Coot 50

Lots of water birds dying at the mere at the moment. There are at least 5 corpses of ducks and a grebe washed up on the edge, and tonight there were only four cygnets with the remaining adult swan. A fifth cygnet was alone at the opposite end of the mere and showing worrying signs of being sick, whilst the sixth is nowhere to be seen. On a positive note, the family of 5 great crested grebe chicks seems to be thriving, and still fully intact.


  1. Hi Colin, have you recovered any of these bodies or are there any signs of foul play?

    Dave and the rangers plus the authorities should be interested. Surely its not a coincidence?


  2. I haven't retrieved any bodies, it's not something I'm keen on doing, even if I could reach them. I don't think it's foul play though, I think it's disease.