Friday, 8 November 2013

Pennington Flash

Cetti's warbler 1 Ramsdales
Water rail 2 heard in Ramsdales
Willow tit 2
Goosander 1 redhead
Goldeneye 5
Nuthatch 1 on the feeders

I had a brief lunchtime visit to Pennington Flash and was rewarded with two new ticks for the place, Cetti's warbler and Nuthatch. The Cetti's was in Ramsdales reedbed and was heard singing several times, but was a bit of a so-and-so to see. Eventually though I did get a good, if brief view of the bird, singing in a wild rose bush about 5m in front of me. Cetti's warbler is one of those birds which has really spread in recent years, at one time they were a bird you had to travel to East Anglia for, or the south coast, but todays bird wasn't even a Greater Manchester tick for me.


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