Sunday, 20 October 2013

Donna Nook, Lincolnshire

Isabelline shrike 1
Dark-bellied Brent geese 100
Blackcap 1 male

Year 243 (Isabelline shrike). My 4th Isabelline shrike.

On 14th October 1990 we were staying with friends in Grimsby and I was given a "day off". I headed to Donna Nook just because it looked interesting on the map, and by pure fluke bumped into a group of birders who had just found an Isabelline shrike, which at the time was my first. It was pretty much deja vu today, I visited Donna Nook with my son, not really intent on birding (except that of course I always am birding even when it looks like I'm not), only to find on arriving that an Isabelline shrike had just been found! I really must go to Donna Nook more often.......

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