Thursday, 11 December 2014

More Finsch's Wheatear at Finikas Village

This morning we walked the dog back to Finikas village on the shore of the Asprokremmos Dam. I could only find one Finsch's wheatear today, but it did at least allow me the opportunity to try to get some better photos. I'm not sure that I managed to get anything much better than on Sunday, but at least some of them are in different poses and show extra features. Also today three chukar and a few black redstarts and Sardinian warblers, but not a lot else.

You can see in this photo and some of the others that the birds crown and back is actually very pale buff rather than pure white.

This photo and the one above are as close as I could get to showing the birds tail pattern, which is basically an inverted, clean cut, capital T.

This frog looks like it is one of the marsh/pool/edible frog complex, which is indeed very complex. In some cases they are separable by range, but where they overlap they can even hybridise, making identification very difficult. It seems pretty straight forward in this case, Cyprus apparently only has three species of amphibians, green toad, tree frog and this, Cyprus marsh frog Pelophylax cypriensis, which apparently was recently split from Levant water frog and therefore becomes yet another Cyprus endemic.

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